Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Last weekend I played in a tennis tournament in Mobile, Alabama. This particular tournament had players of all ages. I would say they ranged from early twenties to early seventies. It was so fun to see young men and women talking to seniors about their game. All barriers were broken as they shared a common goal--to improve their game and win!
One of the ladies on my team, who has played much longer than I, gave me some great advice. When a ball is questionable, meaning is it in or out, both sides of the net can get a little uptight. Trust me, I have seen some huffing and puffing on the court that rivals any two year old. But this tennis mentor told me to just make the call confidently and don't doubt your call. Then, she said, get in position for the next point.
It reminded me of another mentor in my life, my mom. She taught me that as a parent I needed to be confident in the decisions I make with my children. She said that children need a confident mother who isn't afraid to make decisions and then stand by those decisions. Over time I found that her advice was right on target. My children, and your children, will fare much better in our world, which is unsteady at best, if they have a mom who displays confidence. Confidence breeds security and children want and need to feel secure. Children thrive better when any routine is followed, such as bedtimes, after school lessons, etc. A confident mom is just another form of a routine. Knowing what mom will or will not do or allow in a situation helps kids feel loved and protected.
I'm not saying they will agree with all of your decisions, that would be way too much to ask for. I'm not even saying all your decisions will be the right ones. I'm just saying that right or wrong, your children will have a better chance of growing up confident and secure themselves if you project those qualities to them through your actions. So, the next time you're standing on the line, not sure whether to call the ball in or out---just confidently make the call and get ready for the next point!

Hugs, Chrys

PS. We came in second in our division! Hip, hip, hooray!

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